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Grooming your dog

I am sure many people have thought, “do I really need to groom my dog?” “My dog has short fur so there is no need to groom.” Well, folks, there are many reasons why you should groom your dog. To make them look like a puffball and to smell pretty is only one small reason.

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Planning on getting a new puppy - Do’s and Don'ts

Picking the right breed for your home is essential especially for a first-time pet owner. Do proper research before buying a dog. When bringing a new member to the family one tends to get so overwhelmed and excited that you forget about all the little nitty-gritty things that could happen when he or she arrives. Make sure that you are prepared for your little one. Remember everything is new to them and he or she needs to learn your ways, be patient and enjoy your new little ball of fur. Read more on how to prepare your home for a fun furry time:

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Holiday Time: Travelling with your pets

The holidays can be a very exciting time for you and your human family but it can be a confusing and disruptive time for your furry family members. Once the search for your ideal holiday destination has been completed, there is a lot to be done to ensure that your pets are as happy and comfortable during the awesome holiday break.

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What to expect when visiting a vet

Visiting a vet can be a daunting task. This article covers everything you need to know and bring along when going to the vet. Also, what to do when researching a vet and what to do when you have a complaint.

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